Winter Moving Tips in Massachusetts: Commercial Moving Crates

moving in Fall River during the winter monthsRegardless of the type of move you are planning, there are always going to be challenges. However, when planning a move in New England, you’ve got to consider the weather. This is particularly true during the winter months when snow and ice can become a dangerous obstacle that could impact the timing of your move. Whether you go with a professional moving company or decide to do it yourself, it pays to take time to consider how you will protect your belongings from the elements. Where you live now – and the type of home you are moving to – might affect your ability to load and unload furniture, boxes, and other things effectively if snow, sleet, wind, or rain is in the forecast. Commercial moving crates can provide protection from the elements that traditional moving boxes just cannot offer, making them a valuable asset for Wareham residential moving year-round.

Discuss Moving Options with the Movers

If you are using a moving company, either for complete moving services or merely a truck rental, it is crucial to know what the policies are about weather-related delays. Some companies have built-in allowances to ensure safe moving practices during winter storms and slippery streets, while others are based solely on the time and date of your rental and don’t offer extra time to return the equipment if the move is delayed. Moving insurance, apart from what the rental company offers, might be a smart idea if you must move during the worst weather period of the season to protect you from added fees caused by unexpected delays.

Stay on top of the weather, checking the local forecast at both locations – if you are moving out of the area or out of state, and keep your movers informed. Express any concerns that you might have about the weather conditions and how it might impact your move. Contact your landlord or real estate agent to discuss any potential issues that could be caused by weather delays and find out how they handle them in advance. This will alleviate any concerns that you might have and significantly reduce stress. If possible, find out if the moving company offers mid-move storage options and consider staying in a hotel after your things are moved if a storm is coming to your area.

Protect Your Belongings

One of the best winter moving tips in Massachusetts involves the use of commercial moving crates for Wareham residential moving. When your rent plastic moving crates from, we will deliver them to your current address and pick them up again after the move for free if you are in our delivery area. You can see our full list of cities, towns, and zip codes on our website and read more about nominal fees for delivery and pickup for locations with stairs or no elevator access. This can help to save you time and money compared to having to drive all over town to look for boxes and supplies to use during your move. Our crates come with labels and zip ties included for easy marking and securing, as well as a special dolly to make it easier to load and unload the crates onto your moving truck.

The solid, durable plastic design of our plastic moving crates makes it easy to protect your belongings from the weather and from other common moving mishaps. Made from 100 percent recyclable plastic, our crates have a very long lifetime and can be reused many times over before they are recycled once again. We sanitize our crates after each use, using biodegradable cleaners and high-pressure steam to guarantee the safety and security of our customers. This is much better than buying or getting free used cardboard boxes, which can come with a whole host of problems, including dirt, dust, grease, debris, insects, and much more. Protect your small appliances, clothing, bedding, and personal items from the weather with our strong and sturdy plastic moving crates.

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