wareham residential movingStudies show that more than 40 million Americans move every year. That’s a LOT of moving boxes! When you consider how many of those boxes must end up in the local landfills, it’s no wonder Southeastern Massachusetts residents have become interested in finding more eco-friendly solutions. If you know that you will be making plans for Wareham residential moving in the next year, now is the time to start thinking about how you will do it. One way to reduce your carbon footprint during a move is to rent plastic moving crates from Crate-Moves.com. Believe it or not, when you rent moving boxes in Wareham, you reduce the impact on local landfills more significantly than if you were to use cardboard boxes or even reuse cardboard boxes for this purpose.

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Plastic Crates

Many people are not aware of the fact that most cardboard boxes never make it to be recycled. If they come in contact with food, grease, or other substances throughout their lifetime, they are not suitable for recycling. If they are glued, taped, or have other adhesive products put on their surfaces, they are not eligible for recycling. Even dust, dirt, mold, mildew, and an abundance of permanent marker used to label the box for moving might also make it unable to be recycled. From moving boxes to overnight shipping boxes, a high percentage of these so-called recyclable materials frequently find their way into the local landfill instead of getting recycled.

You could choose to find already-used boxes yourself to get more life out of cardboard boxes, but that could bring unwanted consequences as well. Getting free or low-cost boxes from Craigslist or a local “box hoarder” in the Penny Saver might also mean using boxes that are dirty, greasy, stained, and possibly full of bacteria, mold, or mildew. You might also transport unwanted guests to your new home, such as crickets, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, ticks, and bed bugs, all of which can be dangerous to you, your family, and your pets – not to mention disgusting. There are more reasons NOT to get pre-used boxes than there are benefits.

Our crates are hand cleaned and sanitized using biodegradable cleaners and high-pressure steam every time they are rented to a customer. They can be used over and over again, extending the life of the product and creating a valuable, eco-friendly solution for our customers who care about the environment. You can rest easy knowing that your Wareham residential moving boxes are clean, sanitized, and bug-free.

Plan Your Move in Advance

The best way to avoid creating unnecessary waste is to plan your move in advance. Not only does this give you a chance to move on your terms without having to rush, but it also gives you the time to make smart choices about the way that you move. You can rent moving boxes in Wareham ahead of time, have them delivered, and schedule the pick-up at your new location according to your schedule. You can look for eco-friendly packing supplies that can be recycled or used again for other purposes without resorting to wasteful, traditional options.

All of these efforts work to your benefit by helping you to save time, money, and resources. Our eco-friendly plastic crates make it easy to pack, load, and move your things, while protecting them from damage during transport. Not sure how many boxes you’ll need? We have a guide based on the number of bedrooms in your current apartment, condo, or home on our website. We also have a team of friendly customer service agents who are happy to answer any questions that you might have or offer suggestions based on the information that you provide.

Other Tips for Eco-Friendly Moving

In addition to be able to rent plastic moving crates and pre-schedule services for Wareham residential moving, you can also take this time to stock up on packing materials. Do you order a lot of items online? Save the boxes that you get to use for transporting pantry items, oversized things, or unusually shaped belongings. You can even save the bubble wrap, recycled packing paper, and bubble strips to pack your things for the move. Make sure to store everything in a neat and clean space so you don’t attract a lot of dust, cat hair, dirt, debris, or even insects. Keep it indoors – not outdoors – for best results.

You can also start packing ahead of time if you already have some of your own plastic storage containers. The things that you don’t need right now in January – like beach toys, Christmas decorations, and those trophies you earned in 6th Grade – they can be packed up ahead of time to reduce the amount of packing and moving on your moving day. If you have storage space in Fall River, Wareham, or anywhere in the local area, you can even move some of these boxes into storage to streamline your home for showing to prospective buyers or just having room to pack.

Ready to Get Started?

You can place your order online via our ORDER FORM or you can contact our team directly by calling 508-675-7038. The sooner you can start planning your Wareham residential moving strategy, the easier it will be to do it in an environmentally-friendly way. Call our team to rent plastic moving crates and read the rest of our blog for even more helpful tips and hints for a reduced-waste moving experience in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.