Smart Moving Tips in Fall River: Plastic Moving Crate Rentals

Lowering costs for a residential move can be a challenge. You don’t want to go so cheap that you end up doing way too much work by yourself or put the safety of your belongings in jeopardy. There are a few primary goals that must be met in order to have a successful relocation. Plastic moving crate rentals can help you to streamline your moving efforts and control costs at the same time. Plus, you won’t have to worry about what to do with all those wasted boxes and moving supplies when your relocation is complete. Follow along for some more smart moving tips in Fall River and find out just how easy it is to rent plastic moving crates for your next Southcoast move.

Purge Before You Pack

One way to reduce costs is to purge the items you don’t want, need, or use anymore before packing up your belongings. Think about what costs the most money during a move; it usually boils down to the truck rental or professional movers and the moving supplies. You can get a smaller truck and use fewer boxes if you get rid of the things you no longer need. Not only will this help you to save money on your moving costs, but it will also help you have a clean start at your new location without bringing along a bunch of things you won’t likely want to use again or don’t want to keep.

How to Clean and Purge – One of the best methods used by professional organizers is to create three to four piles or bags as you clean out each room of your home. One bag will be for the things you want to throw away – stuff that cannot be used. The second bag will be for the things you want to donate – items that are still in good condition that might be useful to a local charity. The third bag is for the things you want to sell – valuable products that you could sell and make some money to help pay for your move. The fourth pile or bag is the stuff you want to keep, whether that means to pack and move or pack and put into storage.

The good news is that this is something you can do weeks or months ahead of a move – as soon as you know that you will likely be moving in the future. For homeowners trying to sell a house before a move, this can help make your home ready for an agent to show. For people who are downsizing to a smaller house or apartment, this can help you see if it is possible to make such a significant lifestyle change. If you have lived at your current location for more than five years, the chances are good that you have collected a lot of stuff that you could get rid of before your move.

Contact Services in Advance

There are certain times of the year when the moving industry gets busy. Families like to move during the summer so they can relocate before their children start school again in the fall. Renters prefer to move out on the last weekend of the month and move in on the first weekend of the month to meet the rental terms of the property owner. No matter when you want to relocate, the sooner you can begin to schedule the services you will need to complete your move, the better. Depending on the company, many truck rentals and movers can be scheduled 30, 45, 60 days, or more in advance. You can also schedule your delivery of Fall River plastic moving crates several weeks ahead of time. This will help you to secure the things you need for your move so you can focus on organizing the rest of your move.

These are just some of the smart moving tips in Fall River that we like to provide to our customers. There are many benefits of choosing to rent moving boxes in Fall River that will streamline the moving process and make it a lot easier to manage. Saving time and money is a good idea any time, but it becomes even more beneficial when you are planning to relocate. If you are interested in learning more about our plastic moving crate rentals, give us a call at 508-675-7038 or read through the FAQ and ORDER pages on our website for details about how the rental process works.