commercial relocation in fall riverWhat’s more stressful than packing up your house and moving to a new city? Relocating a commercial business. Whether you are moving a restaurant, an office-based organization, a retail store, or a service-based business, moving can be extremely complicated if you don’t have a plan of action. Expanding a business, downsizing to reduce overhead costs, or moving closer to your target market base, there are many reasons why you might want to consider commercial relocation in Fall River. Office supplies, computers, peripherals, desks, modular furniture systems, file cabinets, breakrooms, and specialized equipment – there are many things that need special handling in order to protect your assets. Time is also often a huge consideration, as you will not be able to do business while you are in the process of moving.

Make Sure Everyone Knows

Starting with your staff, part of planning a commercial relocation in Fall River is letting everyone know in advance that you will be moving to a new address. Even if you will be virtually in the same part of town, make sure everyone has the address so they can make plans to adjust their commute. Some employees may rely on public transportation or carpools and will need to plan ahead in order to stay with the business. Customers require advance notice as well to ensure that you don’t lose any business. Provide a simple “we’re moving” flyer with the new address, a map, and your chosen moving date. Consider a “grand opening” celebration, particularly if you work in retail, foodservice, or offer other products to your customers. This will put a positive spin on the relocation and help customers remember that you are moving.

Establish a Plan

The sooner you can hire movers and order moving supplies, the better. One way to achieve a waste-free move is to rent moving crates. You can get durable, crush-proof commercial moving crates through for commercial relocation in Fall River. We can deliver them to your current location and pick them up at your new place of business when the move is complete. Designed to reduce waste in the local landfill and provide a clean, sanitary, and safe opportunity for commercial moving, our Fall River plastic moving crates are convenient and affordably priced to suit any budget. We can deliver days or weeks ahead of your move to give you and your staff time to pack. We can also pick up the crates days or weeks after your move to give you time to unpack and get settled. We have package deals on multiple crate rentals, but our team can assist you in creating a custom package for your commercial moving needs.

Use This Opportunity Wisely

Moving is an excellent time to go through things you don’t need and get rid of them. Some things can be recycled, reused, or even donated, depending on what they are and how well-used they have become. Others may need to be tossed out, particularly if they are no longer safe to be used or are very worn from many years of service. Shred old documents that you no longer need – consult with your tax attorney or financial advisor – and recycle any supplies, wires, cables, and other items that are no longer necessary for the operation of your business. Moving is also a great time to get organized. When you rent moving crates from, each crate comes with a label that can be used to keep track of what is inside. This can help you move items you don’t use every day into a storeroom when you unpack without going through it all again. It can also help you to prioritize the things that you do use on a regular basis and keep them in an easy-to-use location at the new place of business.


Make sure to schedule your rental of commercial moving crates ahead of your move to reduce the number of things you need to do throughout the actual week of your move. You can place your order online with our easy ONLINE ORDER form or reach out to one of our team members to discuss options for commercial relocation in Fall River and the surrounding area. Call today at 508-675-7038 to speak with a representative about our Fall River plastic moving crates.