Simplify Your Southcoast Move: Reusable Plastic Moving Crates

Looking for a way to streamline your New Bedford commercial moving plans or simplify your Warehouse residential moving experience? Consider renting reusable plastic moving boxes from You can order a package of commercial moving crates online based on the size of your home or business and get them delivered to your location. There are many advantages associated with using our affordable, easy-to-use services. Our goal is to provide our customers with a simple solution for their moving needs while actively preserving our limited natural resources in the Southcoast area. Studies have found that it often takes just one simple task to encourage people to start thinking “green” in other areas of their lives.

How Easy is Easy?

We will bring our moving crates to your home or office free of charge. All you need to do to get free delivery is to be located in our service area within the South Coast community and meet the basic criteria for no delivery charge. Our crates are preassembled, crushproof, and offer enough space to pack things like small kitchen appliances, office peripherals, books, and much more. While we recommend that you order delivery of our commercial moving crates as soon as possible to ensure availability, we do have the ability to make delivery within 24-48 hours. Every rental comes with at least two weeks of use time, providing you with plenty of time to pack, move, and unpack your items at the new location.

Our rentals also come with a wheeled dolly, which makes it easy to pack, stack, and load our reusable plastic moving boxes. Our storage crates are designed to stack quickly and easily, provide stable stacking in a moving truck, and allow for space-saving packing techniques without fear of toppling over or getting crushed in the process. Made in the USA, these crates make it easy for all of your Wareham residential moving and New Bedford commercial moving plans. Easy lift handles make it simple for anyone to load, pack, and stack their things to streamline the moving process. Interlocking tops, provided zip ties and labels, help you to be organized and secure throughout the moving process.

Locally Owned and Operated is located right here in Southeastern Massachusetts in the Fall River. We are locally owned and operated to serve the Greater Southcoast areas of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The crates measure 27-inches in length, 17-inches deep, and 12-inches high, and are extremely durable – much stronger than a regular box. When you compare our boxes to traditional moving boxes or even other plastic crates that you can buy at home improvement stores or online, you will see that they are designed for repeated use during the moving process.

All of our crates are hand cleaned and sanitized when a customer returns them – each and every time. To further support the local environment, we only use biodegradable cleaners and high-pressure steam. Many different types of boxes – including cardboard and reusable plastic boxes, are known to harbor bacteria and bed bugs, as well as other insects, dirt, dust, and debris. We understand that when you are moving, you’ve got enough to worry about with planning and scheduling. So, we go out of our way to make it easier to schedule delivery of our commercial moving boxes and offer package deals to ensure that you have enough reusable plastic moving boxes for your big day.

Commercial Moving Crates + Professional Movers

Make your move even easier by combining your rental of our plastic moving crates with the services provided by a trusted, local moving company. Movers love using our moving crates. Compared to cardboard boxes, they are easier to move – thanks to their stacking design and built-in handles – and they are much more durable. Once you pack your items into the easy-to-carry crates, all you need to do is find movers who will load them on the truck, haul them to the new location, and take them back off again. It pays to do your research to find a good team that will assist you with all of your New Bedford commercial moving or Wareham residential moving needs. Our services are available throughout the South Coast region, so no matter where you are – or where you are going – has got you covered. Contact our team directly online or by calling us at 508-675-7038.