Simplified Moving Experience: Rent Moving Boxes in Fall River

plastic moving crates in New BedfordOne of the best ways to ensure that your residential move goes off without a hitch is to create a plan ahead of time and follow it to the letter. Making lists can help you avoid overlooking an essential part of the Fall River residential moving process for a smooth and stress-free experience. Whether you are moving from an apartment to a large home or downsizing to a smaller structure, the key to getting everything from point A to point B without totally losing your mind is to have a plan of action. can deliver plastic moving crate rentals to your current location and pick them up again after your move, saving you time and money compared to traditional residential moving supplies. When you rent moving boxes in Fall River, it can help you have more time to take care of all the other details associated with planning a move.

How Many Boxes Do You Need?

Through our many years of experience working with customers to facilitate residential moving supplies for clients in the Greater Fall River area, we have developed a package option based on the number of bedrooms in the apartment or home to make it easier. However, if you have extra storage areas like garages, sheds, attics, and basements, or if you have multiple children in each room who each have their own things to move, you might want to add on a few more. We have options available to get plastic moving crate rentals in a package, plus add them on a la carte to best meet your individual needs. Still not sure how many you will need? Contact our team directly to discuss your needs. We can offer suggestions that will help you with all of your Fall River residential moving plans.

Can I Rent Boxes and Use a Moving Company?

Moving companies love using our plastic moving crate rentals because they are easy to load and unload, come with a special dolly for simple transport from the house to the truck, and because they are designed to stack securely in the moving van. Make sure to ask your Fall River residential moving company ahead of time about using our awesome moving crates, but the chances are really good that they will appreciate the extra effort and will have no problem loading and unloading belongings when you rent moving boxes in Fall River and the surrounding area. We have a wide service range available for delivery and pickup services. Make sure to view our LOCATIONS page on our website for zip codes and city names within our local service area.

When Should I Reserve Plastic Moving Crate Rentals?

Planning a move means trying to do everything as far in advance as possible. While you can reserve residential moving supplies with short notice, the sooner you can secure your boxes, the better. There are certain times throughout the year when moving is at an all-time high. The summer months are very popular, as many families want to finish their move before the kids start back at school in the fall. Holidays, especially three-day or four-day weekends, as well as weekends at the first and last of the month, are also quite popular, especially with renters. So if your move will fall anytime during these time periods, make sure to contact to schedule delivery for Greater Fall River residential moving at least 30-days in advance.

What Come with My Moving Box Rental?

When you rent plastic moving crates from, you can expect to get the moving boxes with lids already attached and pre-assembled. We deliver our crates with a special dolly or hand-truck to make loading and unloading even easier. We also provide special labels that can be used to make organizing your move by room or family member a lot simpler. Just place the labels on the side or top of the crates within the textured areas for easy removal when your move is complete. Our crates do not require tape or any other type of material to secure them. Simply close the lids and use the provided zip ties to secure them during your move.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact by calling 508-675-7038. We can answer any questions that you might have about our plastic moving crate rentals and help you get the tools you need to support your plans for Greater Fall River residential moving.