sanitized plastic moving cratesPreassembled and crushproof. Inexpensive, fast, and green. These are just some of the words used to describe what it is like to use our residential moving supplies when you rent moving boxes in Fall River from Our Fall River home delivery services make it easy to rent sanitized plastic moving crates for your upcoming South Coast move without having to travel all around town to find supplies OR worry about the condition of those supplies once they arrive. We can deliver within 24-48 hours and our crates offer no assembly required, easy-to-use interlocking tops, easy-lift handles, and EVERY single crate is sanitized after use. These are our normal standards. We go above and beyond to create a safe and simple moving process for our customers each and every day.

Locally Owned and Operated is a locally owned and operated company that serves customers in the Greater SouthCoast areas, which includes Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our primary goal is to provide an easy solution for moving, while also working to preserve our limited natural resources and reduce the impact that relocation can have on our local landfills. Our residential moving supplies are eco-friendly, made from 100 percent recyclable plastic and are much stronger than regular plastic boxes so they can be used over and over again without needing to be replaced.

We rent moving boxes in Fall River to many different types of clients, including residential customers in houses, apartments, and condos; commercial clients in small and mid-size businesses; government and municipal customers, and local real estate agents. The process is simple: just order your sanitized plastic moving crates online, our Fall River home delivery services can drop them off for FREE, you pack up your items and move them to your new location, and once you are settled, we pick them up again for FREE if you are in our service area. We include free delivery and pickup for most SouthCoast cities that meet our basic criteria within our extended service area.

What Does Sanitized Mean?

When we say that we offer sanitized plastic moving crates – we mean it. Our standard process is to hand-clean and sanitize all of our residential moving supplies after every rental. We use biodegradable cleaners and high-pressure steam to make sure that our moving crates are clean and free from bacteria, debris, insects, and other issues that are common with reusable cardboard boxes. Don’t risk the safety of your family or belongings with second-hand boxes bought off Craigslist or purchased from a dusty warehouse. Cardboard boxes are known to attract and harbor all sorts of bugs, bacteria, mold, mildew, dust, dander, and dust mites.

While cardboard might sound like it is better for the environment because it can be recycled, the truth is that most cardboard boxes never make it to be recycled. Excess tape or glue, permanent marker markings, leaked oil, cleaning products, and other fluids can all render a cardboard box ineligible for recycling. Being able to recycle, reuse, and reduce is what saves the planet and our local landfill. Our sanitized plastic moving crates can be used for a very long time and can be recycled at the end of their lifecycle, making them a much better choice for those who are concerned about the environment. Our Fall River home delivery services help them to be convenient while saving you time and money that could be spent driving all over town to locate and purchase moving boxes.

What is Included?

When you rent moving boxes in Fall River from, you get our crushproof moving crates, security zip ties for closing the boxes and moving labels to make it easier to move and unpack your belongings. Our basic package, which starts at just $89.00, includes two weeks FREE rental, FREE delivery and pickup within our service area, and the use of a FREE dolly or hand truck to make loading and unloading even easier. Our basic package is based on the typical needs of a one bedroom apartment and includes 20 crates. We have packages designed for two, three, and four bedroom apartments, condos, and houses, as well as a la carte options for those who think they might require additional residential moving supplies.

You can use our ONLINE ORDER service or contact our team directly by calling 508-675-7038. You can speak with one of our representatives to discuss your needs, ask questions about our sanitized plastic moving crates, schedule Fall River home delivery services, and pickup, or extend a current rental contract. Call today and see why so many people are deciding to rent moving boxes in Fall River for their residential and commercial relocations!