Rent Moving Boxes in Fall River: How to Simplify Your Move

Whenever you make plans for residential relocation, it’s a good idea to factor in potential delays and issues that might complicate your move. If possible, reserve a rental truck or hire movers at least 30-days in advance. You might need more time if you want to move on the last weekend of the month, during the holidays, over summer vacation, or any other high-traffic moving period. Make sure you get your Fall River moving supplies lined up as soon as possible, as well. Consider renting moving crates instead of using cardboard boxes to help you save time, money and streamline the moving process. Our moving boxes in Fall River are easy to pack, stack, move, and unload. When it comes to residential relocation in Fall River or anywhere in the Southcoast area, the sooner you start planning, the better.

Fall River Moving Supplies – Delivered to Your Home

If you live within our service area, which includes parts of Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, you are likely eligible to get FREE delivery when you rent plastic moving crates from We have a complete list of cities, towns, and zip codes that we serve on our website to help you determine if your current and future addresses qualify. Our Fall River moving supplies are durable, come preassembled, and are easy to load. The large size of our moving boxes helps you to pack everything from personal items, books, artwork, kitchen utensils, small appliances, and more to safely relocate your belongings from one address to the next.

When you are all done with the move, we will pick up the moving boxes in Fall River or wherever you move in the Southcoast area to make it easier for you to settle in at your new place. No one wants the hassle of trying to break down cardboard boxes, find a place that will accept them for recycle or try to give them away on local neighborhood social media sites. Our rental packages include two whole weeks of use, making it easy for you to load, move, and unload your things without a lot of added pressure. If you think you’ll need more time, we can add up to four extra weeks onto your rental for a nominal fee. You can contact us directly by phone for a FREE estimate or use our ONLINE ORDER page via our website.

Renting Saves Time and Money

When you use traditional moving boxes, it can be a hassle to gather all of your Fall River moving supplies in time for your move. Sometimes locating the boxes you require can be difficult, and making sure that you have all of the packing materials, tape, permanent marker for labeling, and other essentials can take trips to multiple stores. While there are some online resources available now to purchase moving boxes, many times, they arrive in a smaller number or size than you might have imagined. It is best to work with a dependable, reliable company that can provide you with quality moving supplies for residential relocation in Fall River and the surrounding area.

Each rental comes with the number of boxes that you request, as well as a wheeled dolly to make it easier to move the crates around inside your house, out to the moving truck, and into your new location. We also provide zip ties and labels that can be used to secure your belongings and make it easier to unpack and settle into your new home. Labels must be removed before returning the crates and can be discarded or recycled, depending on your local trash options. If you need additional boxes or supplies during your move, please feel free to contact us directly. While we might not be able to accommodate every request, we do our best to ensure that our customers have everything they need to complete their move.

Give us a call at 508-675-7038 to speak with one of our agents about renting moving boxes in Fall River. We can answer any questions you might have about how to rent plastic moving crates to help you prepare for residential relocation in Fall River and the surrounding area.