Reduce Waste on Your Next Move: Reusable Plastic Moving Boxes

reduce waste moving in New BedfordWhen most people think about environmentally friendly products, they don’t immediately use the word “plastic” in the same sentence. However, one of the best ways to reduce waste on your next move – residential, commercial, or otherwise, is to commit to using eco-friendly packing supplies. When you think about all of the boxes, packaging, one-time-use plastic wrap, and other items that are used for a single household move, the amount of landfill waste can be staggering. Moving box rentals in New Bedford supply customers with durable, crush-proof reusable plastic moving boxes that can be used over and over again without adding to the local landfill. At, our New Bedford plastic moving crates can simplify the moving process and reduce waste while helping you to plan a move that saves time and money in the process.

Clean, Sanitized Moving Box Rentals in New Bedford

Our team is committed to protecting the local environment right here in the South Coast area. After watching customers at our moving and storage business purchase and then toss thousands of cardboard boxes each year at our facility, we wanted to do something proactive. The use of moving box rentals is something that previously was only available to customers in large cities, but we worked to bring it right here to the New Bedford and Fall River area. You can feel confident in the use of our New Bedford plastic moving crates, which can be delivered to your home, picked up after the move, and are sanitized after each move. We use bio-degradable cleaning products and high-pressure steam to ensure that our reusable plastic moving boxes are clean, sanitized, and safe for our customers to use effectively to pack for and execute a move.

Our eco-friendly packing supplies can be used with just about any type of local move. Moving companies love to use our crates, as they are strong, durable, easy to carry, simple to load, and perfect for stacking inside the moving truck to maximize space. We can deliver them to your home, provide you with plenty of time to pack, and then pick them up again at your new location when you’ve unpacked them. Each rental comes with two weeks of use standard, and additional time can be purchased and added at the time of reservation. Our crates come pre-assembled and include the use of a dolly, write-able label tags, and offer free delivery and pickup opportunities to those who are within our service area. Visit our website to view the list of cities and zip codes that we service and to learn more about our delivery criteria for best results.

How Many Crates Do I Need?

This is perhaps the most frequent question that we get from our customers. The dimension of each crate is 27-inches in length, 17-inches in width, and 12-inches in height, which makes them perfect for packing everything from books to kitchen utensils, small appliances to clothing, decorations, personal items, and just about anything else you’ll need to pack. The number of crates that you should order will depend on a number of factors. The easiest baseline is to consider the number of bedrooms and occupants in your home, as well as extra crates for living areas and other spaces that need to be packed. If you aren’t sure and need advice, you can always give us a call and speak with one of our friendly and helpful customer service agents.

We understand that moving can be complicated and sometimes you need a little extra help to complete the job. If you require additional crates at any time during the moving process, just give us a call. We’ll try and accommodate your request, but we cannot make any guarantees. Certain weekends of the month and seasons throughout the year can be extremely busy for moves in the South Coast area. Our best advice is to consider ordering a couple of extra moving box rentals in New Bedford at the time you reserve your reusable plastic moving boxes, just in case. You can also contact us to discuss additional time for your move. Each rental of our New Bedford plastic moving crates comes with two weeks of use. However, you can add up to four additional weeks to your order when you make your reservation. If you need more time than that, contact our team directly by calling 508-675-7038.