One of the worst parts of moving is having to take all of your belongings and pack them up in boxes to move them across town or to a new city. No one wants to go through their storage boxes, pack up clothing and personal items, or wade through all of the kitchen appliances and plasticware that they have accumulated while living at their current address. Even if you are someone who enjoys organizing, packing everything up into residential moving supplies can be a real chore. One way to make moving easier is to have the right tools at your disposal. Eco-friendly moving boxes, like our Fall River plastic moving crates, eliminate a lot of the frustration associated with moving. Instead of dusty and hard-to-assemble cardboard boxes, when you rent moving crates in Fall River, everything is already put together and ready to go. Just pack the crates, get ready for your move, and we’ll even pick them up again when your move is completed.

Start Packing Early

Whenever possible, consider packing up your things as soon as you can to reduce the amount of stress that will build as you get closer to your moving date. While some moves are quicker than we might like, most have at least a fair amount of warning. Whether that means two months or the standard 30-days notice, you can start packing things right away to get a jump start on the work that needs to be done. You can contact and let us know when you want our Fall River plastic moving crates to be delivered. Each package comes with a two to three weeks’ rental period included. Additional weeks can be added when you reserve our residential moving supplies, or you can contact us if you need more time. Depending on the time of year, you will definitely want to reserve more time in advance to ensure that we can accommodate your needs.

Our rentals come with the number of moving crates you need to relocate all of your belongings, starting at 20 full-size crates in our studio or one-bedroom package on up to 80 crates in our four-bedroom option. The number of crates indicates the number of moving labels and security zip ties that are included to secure your belongings. The labels can be affixed to the eco-friendly moving boxes when you rent moving crates in Fall River through Make sure to remove them per the instructions before we come to pick them up at your new location after the move is complete. Each rental also includes the use of a dolly or hand truck to make the entire loading and unloading process even easier. Our crates are designed to stack safely on top of each other, making it easy for customers to start packing and stacking well in advance ahead of a move.

Learn Proper Packing Protocol

Professional packers will tell you that there is a method that will help you to maximize space and safeguard your belongings during a move. Once you get our Fall River plastic moving crates delivered to your home, you can start developing your strategy. Your best bet is to put the heaviest items on the bottoms of the boxes, and any lighter things should go on top. If you are packing and loading the moving truck yourself, try to load the heavier boxes toward the back of the truck first to improve balance while transporting your belongings. Try not to leave any empty spaces in the boxes – even if you are trying to make sure the weight isn’t too heavy. If you have heavy items that leave empty space, consider filling it with clothing, towels, or even packing paper. This will help the box to be more balanced, making it easier to load, unload, and move around during the move.

Try to keep items from one room in each box. This will make it quicker when it comes time to unpack your eco-friendly moving boxes and put things away at the new house. There’s nothing like searching for a specific item only to discover that you have to search through 20 boxes to find it. When doing this, make sure to use the included labels with the residential moving supplies to properly mark each box. Once again, this will make it a lot easier to unpack and put things away at the new house after everything is transported and unloaded. Some people simply write the name of the room on the label, while others keep a legal pad or note in their smart phone with a list of numbers and an itemized list of enclosed contents. Secure each box with the included security zip ties before loading onto the truck.

Use Specialty Packing for High-Value or Breakable Items

Flat-screen televisions, antique furniture, valuable artwork, and fine china all have one thing in common – they are usually the first to break during a move. Consider purchasing specialized packaging based on the items that you need to move in addition to calling to rent moving crates in Fall River. If you no longer have the boxes that these items came in originally, you can usually purchase sized boxes designed for the item in question. Many office supply stores carry specialty boxes for flat screens, computers, and peripherals. You might find other specialty boxes or custom crate options through packing companies in your local area. Speak with one of our agents to find out if we might have a solution or be able to put you in contact with someone who can help you.

Ready to rent moving crates in Fall River? Just use our handy online ORDER FORM to reserve our Fall River plastic moving crates for your upcoming move. If you have questions or would prefer to speak with a representative, contact our Fall River business by calling 508-675-7038.