Fall River plastic moving crate rentalsOne of the best ways to protect your belongings during a move is to use plastic moving crates. Whether you are preparing for commercial or residential moving in New Bedford and the surrounding area, Crate-Moves.com can help you achieve your goals. Cardboard cartons are the traditional material used by most people to pack up their belongings and relocate to a new place. However, they are fraught with problems and pitfalls that can be easily solved by packing moving crates instead.

Cardboard boxes may seem like the more environmentally-friendly option for New Bedford commercial moving and residential relocation. However, the truth is that a large majority of cardboard boxes never make it to be recycled and end up instead in our local landfills. Plastic totes are popular for the storage of holiday decorations and other keepsake items, but the boxes you buy at your local big-box store or home improvement center are drastically different than what you will get when you rent moving boxes in New Bedford from Crate-Moves.com.

Durable, Crushproof, and Eco-Friendly Boxes

The whole idea of reducing our carbon footprint and impact on the local environment includes recycling, reusing, and reducing. Cardboard boxes require a lot of tape and glue to effectively protect your belongings during a move, making many of them ineligible for recycling. Our sturdy, crushproof crates are designed to be used many times over without having to be replaced. The good news is that even when they do reach the end of their lifecycle, our plastic crates will be recycled to be made into something brand new again.

Hand-Cleaned and Sanitized Plastic Crates

Our durable New Bedford commercial moving and residential relocation crates are hand-cleaned and sanitized using biodegradable cleaners and high-pressure steam after each and every use. Depending on how and where cardboard boxes are stored, they could come with insects, bacteria, mold, dust, mildew, and other contaminants already present. When your moving experience is complete, our team will come to your new location and retrieve the moving crates. View our LOCATIONS page for more information on the communities we serve in the South Coast region and determine if you qualify for FREE delivery!

The Perfect Size for Packing Your Belongings

If you have ever used traditional boxes for a move before, you know that most boxes fall into two categories: way too big and not big enough. Our plastic moving crates are designed to be perfect for commercial and residential moving in New Bedford and the surrounding area. The dimensions are 27-inches in length by 17-inches in width, and 12-inches high. Books, files, personal items, small appliances, decorations, clothing, and even glasses, dishes, and plates can be easily packed and protected when you rent moving boxes in New Bedford from Crate-Moves.com.

Best Packing Tips for Plastic Crates

Packing moving crates is a very simple and straight-forward process. Packing experts recommend that you have all of your materials ready before you begin to pack so you won’t waste time trying to hunt down supplies. Bubble wrap, recycled paper packing, and even dish towels, bath towels, or other linens from your home can be used to safeguard your items. Be careful not to over or under-pack the boxes, making sure that all items fit snugly without being forced in to provide extra protection. Too many things and your items might crush against each other, but too few and things will rattle around during the move.

Other tips include wrapping everything and packing like-items together in the same box. Go through your home or office one room at a time, making sure to use the provided labels for better organization and faster unpacking at your new location. Each rental comes with two-weeks of time built into the package, giving you a week prior and a week after your moving day to use the crates. Extra time can be purchased if you are doing a complicated relocation or if you just think you might need more time to prepare or settle into the new space. If you need additional time, contact our team directly to find out about availability or to change the pick-up date.

Get FREE Pricing at Crate-Moves.com

You can see pricing for pre-made packages designed to assist in planning New Bedford commercial moving and residential relocation. If you have any questions, you can also contact our office directly to speak with one of our team members about your needs. Crate-Moves.com is located in Fall River, Massachusetts, and provides quality, reliable, and dependable services to commercial and residential customers throughout the South Coast region. Call us today for FREE pricing at 508-675-7038.