New Bedford Residential Moving Tips: Plastic Moving Crates

New Bedford moving crate rentalsMoving can be an exciting experience – a new job, school, relationship, or other opportunity is usually the driving force behind a relocation. Going from a rental to homeownership can also be a milestone to celebrate and enjoy. Whatever the reason for your impending move, it is essential to take the time to start making plans as soon as possible. Whether you rent a truck or hire movers, you’re going to have to figure out how to pack everything up to transport it to the new location. New Bedford plastic moving crates are an ideal solution to the age-old problem of packing. Plastic moving crate rentals are affordable, easy to use, friendly to the environment, and protect your belongings much better than traditional cardboard boxes. If you are looking to rent moving crates in New Bedford and the surrounding area, contact directly to get a FREE price quote.

Reduce the Number of Items You Need to Move

One way to cut down on moving costs and streamline the relocation process is to sort through your things and make some decisions on what stays – and what goes. A lot of times, people put things in closets, drawers, and in storage units but forget what they have put away. As you make preparations for your impending move, take time to go through those spaces and either toss or donate the things that you no longer want or use. It will reduce the number of New Bedford plastic moving crates you will need and might significantly lower the cost for a truck rental or moving services.

Get Organized – A Place for Everything

As you begin to make plans for your move, one of the best residential moving tips is to create a folder or some other organizational space for all of your essential documents. Rental agreements, home contracts, utility contact numbers, real estate agent documents, signed contracts for movers, and a to-do list of things that need to be done should go in this type of folder. You should also have a safe storage space for personal and identifying documents, including birth certificates, marriage certificate, social security cards, vaccination records, veterinary records, medical records, and anything else that is important to you and your family.

Book Early to Save and Secure Rentals

The sooner you can contact to rent moving crates in New Bedford and get ahold of a moving company or truck rental, the better. There are certain times of the month and year when moving trucks can be scarce, and supplies can be challenging to find. If you know you are moving 1-2 months ahead of time, go ahead and start calling for prices and secure rentals as soon as you are able. Contact our team directly about plastic moving crate rentals if you are unsure about the exact moving date or the number of crates you will need to complete your move. We can answer any questions you might have about our New Bedford plastic moving crates and help you secure your rental.

Learn How to Pack Smart

After we deliver the plastic moving crate rentals to your home, make sure to take time to pack everything correctly for the best possible results. Put heavier items on the bottom to provide more balance and prevent damage to lighter things. The heaviest boxes should go into the truck first for balance, counterweighted by your furniture, appliances, and other heavy things. Fill in any gaps in the boxes with bedding, towels, clothing, or packing paper so the items won’t move around during the drive to your new location. Try to keep everything organized by room for easier unloading and unpacking. Use the provided labels to make it simple for movers to put boxes in the correct locations.

Rent Moving Crates in New Bedford

If you would like to learn more about our New Bedford plastic moving crates or if you want to secure a rental for your upcoming move, visit our website at or call us directly at 508-675-7038. We can assist you with all of your rentals, moving, and storage needs when you call our Fall River location. Our many years of experience working with customers in the Southcoast area can work to your advantage. Call today and learn more about the benefits of using plastic moving crate rentals.