commercial moving new bedfordPreparing for a commercial move can be very stressful – especially if you don’t have a plan. Even if you are relocating to new office space within the same building or local neighborhood, it is essential to work with New Bedford commercial moving professionals to ensure nothing gets overlooked. Whether you are moving an office, retail store, restaurant, or medical practice, many small to medium business owners are choosing to rent moving crates instead of investing in wasteful cardboard boxes. Not only are eco-friendly moving boxes sustainable and part of a green relocation strategy, but they can also save you time and money compared to using traditional moving products.

New Bedford Plastic Moving Crates

When you contact to rent moving crates for your New Bedford commercial moving needs, our team can help you decide how many boxes you will need for your business. While we do have basic packages setup for residential customers, we do have some experience working with professional clients who have different needs. Whether you are simply moving office items, including desk contents, files, peripheral devices, books, and files, or if you need to pack up office supplies, stock items, and other goods, we can help with all of your moving needs. Instead of paying a premium price for cardboard boxes that will just be thrown away after the relocation is complete, you can rent New Bedford plastic moving crates and have them delivered to your place of business – and we will pick them up again when you are unpacked.

Creating a strategy for a move involves determining how much you need to move, what items can be moved ahead of time to reduce downtime on the actual moving day, and how many eco-friendly moving boxes you will need to get everything from point A to point B in a single trip. You don’t want to have to pack, load, unload, and unpack only to have to do it all again. While you could do that to reduce the number of boxes that are needed, it’s much easier to do it all in one trip. Our crates are easy to load, simple to lock and label, and can be moved without a lot of physical effort when you use one of our included dollies. This helps to reduce the amount of time needed to pack and move all of your assets, providing you with more time to focus on logistics and get your business back up and running at the new location without any unnecessary delay.

Hand Cleaned and Sanitized

You might think that cardboard, which can be recycled, would be more environmentally friendly than plastic. However, the harsh reality is that most boxes never make it to be recycled and ultimately find their way to the local landfill. Too much tape, permanent marker, grease, glue, and other substances can disqualify many boxes for the recycling process. Another way to lower your company’s carbon footprint during a move is to learn how to reuse. Our eco-friendly moving boxes can be used over and over again many times over before they need to be replaced. They are hand cleaned and sanitized when a customer returns them – every time. We use biodegradable cleaners and high-pressure steam to ensure that our customers have a safe and clean experience.

Because of all the effort that we put into cleaning and reusing, in this case, it is plastic that is better than cardboard. Our New Bedford plastic moving crates are made from recycled plastic and, when they reach the end of their lifetime, they can be recycled and reused to make new products again. This helps to save in lots of ways – time, money, energy, and the planet. When you use our reusable moving crates for your New Bedford commercial moving needs, you work to help the local, state, and global environment. This is excellent for companies that are concerned about the environment, as well as businesses that want to reduce their impact on the local area. To learn more about all the ways that helps our customers, make sure to read our FAQ page or contact our team directly with any questions.

Be a List Maker

Another way to ensure that you have a solid plan for your New Bedford commercial moving project is to learn to be a list maker. Create lists for all the things you need to do 30-days prior to a relocation, the week of the move, on the day of the move, and after the move has been completed. Things like contacting the utility companies, bringing in vendors to set up equipment, or install phone lines – these should all be done in advance. Keeping track of everything that must be done with lists can be extremely helpful and will reduce stress. Knowing what needs to be done and having a reminder in a single list can make everything go a lot smoother.

Contact by calling 508-675-7038 to discuss your needs for New Bedford plastic moving crates or to learn more about our delivery and pickup service area. You can also use our online order form to schedule delivery and pickup of our eco-friendly moving boxes. We have all the information you need to select the number of boxes you need for delivery on our website.