Fall River residential movingOne of the most tedious jobs in a residential or commercial move is having to pack everything up to transport from your current location to the new one. This is especially true if you’ve stayed in the same place for many years. Most people tend to accumulate a lot of belongings that they don’t even need or use any longer without even realizing it. There are things you can do to expedite the moving process to make it faster and easier than ever. Getting the right supplies, such as reusable plastic moving boxes for local moves in Massachusetts, and having a solid plan of action, can make the entire move go a lot smoother. Commercial moving crates, like the ones available at Crate-Moves.com, make it easy to pack, stack and load your things into the moving truck. To learn more about our Fall River plastic moving crates, explore our website OR contact one of our team members by phone.

Preparing for a Move

To get your things ready and reduce the amount of time spent during the packing process, there are things that you can do ahead of time that will eliminate a lot of time-wasting activities. Before you begin going through all of your belongings, take some time to walk around your home and take note of the big things that will need to be moved, as well as any large items that you want to sell, donate, trash, or leave behind. This will help you to get a better idea of the “big picture” when planning local moves in Massachusetts. If you are downsizing to a smaller home, this can help make the process feel less overwhelming and more manageable. Start early on making lists via social media marketplaces or contacting the garbage company for special pickups. You might even have things that you want to keep but won’t be able to use. This gives you time to search for affordable storage in Fall River and move those things in ahead of time.

Order your Fall River plastic moving crates in advance, especially if you are moving during the summer, over a holiday weekend, or near the first of the month, when moving significantly increases in the Southcoast area. Our commercial moving crates will help you to swiftly and efficiently pack all of your belongings for a quick and easy relocation process. Reusable plastic moving boxes come pre-assembled, strong and durable, crush-proof, and friendly to the environment because they can be used repeatedly. We will deliver them to your Southcoast home and pick them up again after your move is complete, reducing your need to drive around town wasting gas while searching for moving supplies. You can see a package guide on our website based on the number of bedrooms in your home. However, if you have a lot of things you need to move or will be moving less due to downsizing, you can adjust your needs by moving up or down a package.

Pre-Packing Opportunities

Another way to streamline the moving process is to start packing up things that you don’t use every day ahead of time. If you have many seasonal items, such as Christmas or Fourth of July decorations, take the time to purchase storage bins so you can pack and label them before your move. Consider shifting these items to storage or just get them ready ahead of time to be loaded onto the moving truck on your official moving day. Decorative items can be packed this way, such as knick-knacks, artwork, collectors pieces, posters, wall art, souvenirs, vases, and other things you don’t use regularly. Take your time to carefully wrap, protect, and secure these items in storage boxes to reduce the number of things that need to be packed into Fall River plastic moving crates on moving day.

Go room-by-room throughout the house and focus on one area at a time to make it easier on yourself. Instead of thinking, “I have to pack this whole house for the move,” start the process by saying, “I just need to pack this room and get everything ready.” It might sound simple, but the organization and moving experts say that changing your mindset and approach to the project will make it easier. Take time to purge the things you don’t want as you pack, such as things to throw away, sell, donate, or put into storage. When you do it this way, you will find that it is easier to decide what to place in commercial moving crates for local moves in Massachusetts and what to get rid of from your home. Moving is an excellent opportunity to make a fresh start and unburden yourself from a houseful of things you no longer need or use.

Get our reusable plastic moving boxes for your Southcoast relocation. Contact Crate-Moves.com through our website and take advantage of our ONLINE ORDER form to help you secure the supplies you need for local moves in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Make sure to check out our LOCATIONS page to determine if you are eligible for our FREE DELIVERY and PICKUP services for our Fall River plastic moving crates.