Looking for a new way to plan your residential or commercial relocation in Fall River? Reusable plastic moving boxes are a brilliant alternative to dusty cardboard boxes. These sustainable Fall River plastic moving crates can help you save time and money while offering a convenient and easy-to-use method for packing your belongings ahead of a move. Many Southcoast residents are searching for a more eco-friendly moving solution that will reduce their impact on the local environment. Instead of filling dumpsters with used cardboard boxes, you could take advantage of our FREE delivery and pickup services, designed to provide a more streamlined and convenient moving experience.

How Does It Work?

When making plans for your move, you can use our website to place an order for reusable plastic moving boxes. We have packages set-up based on the number of bedrooms in your home, as well as a-la-carte options. If you still aren’t sure what package or type of rental for our Fall River plastic moving crates is right for you, contact one of our customer service representatives. We can walk you through the process and help you to choose the delivery style, package size, and eco-friendly moving solution based on your needs and requirements. Crate-Moves.com has helped customers all over the Southcoast area to realize their moving goals. We work with both residential and commercial relocation in Fall River and have an extensive delivery and pickup range in the Southcoast region.

We deliver the Fall River plastic moving crates to your home or office on the date that you choose. Every rental includes TWO WEEKS of use for our reusable plastic moving crates. However, if you need more time, you can add up to an additional FOUR WEEKS when you place your order. If you think you might require more time than that, make sure to contact a representative. We can help you create a custom reservation for your move based on your individual needs and requirements. Each crate order comes with a matching number of zip ties for closing the boxes and labels, which can be used to organize your move and make it easier to pack and unpack. Most moving companies are happy to work with our Fall River plastic moving crates, as they are easier to stack and load than cardboard boxes, so you can use these for DIY and professional moving experiences.

What Should I Expect?

Our eco-friendly moving solution considers the needs of our customers and the growing needs of the local community. The reusable plastic moving boxes are hand-cleaned and sanitized after every use. We only use biodegradable cleaners and high-pressure steam to further reduce the impact on the environment. The dimensions of our crates are generous enough to allow the packing of all sorts of items, including clothing and books, small kitchen appliances and cookware, personal items, and much more. Each crate is 27-inches in length, 17-inches in width, and 12-inches high. They are strong, durable, crushproof, and already assembled to streamline the packing and moving process. Our crates are easy to stack and move, especially when you use the included dolly or hand truck, which is designed to work with the unique shape and size of our crates.

We offer FREE delivery to customers in these LOCATIONS throughout the Southcoast region as long as you live on the ground floor or your building has an elevator. If we need to carry the crates up a flight of stairs, we will have to charge an additional $19.99 delivery fee. Make sure to let us know what our team should expect on delivery day. An adult over the age of 18 must be present to accept delivery of the Fall River plastic moving crates. If you have any questions about delivery dates and times or require additional information about how to schedule a pickup, quick-moving schedules, and commercial options, contact our team directly. You can reach us via phone at 508-675-7038 or by using our online CONTACT FORM. Our team is here to help you with your plans for residential or commercial relocation in Fall River and the surrounding area. We have many years of experience working with clients to provide relocation, storage, and moving assistance. You can count on Crate-Moves.com to deliver a quality eco-friendly moving solution that will help you achieve all of your relocation goals.