Fall River Moving Box Rentals: The New Way to Pack Up and Go

Fall River moving box rentalsHomeowners and renters in big cities have utilized reusable residential moving supplies for many years. Fortunately, this innovative way to pack up and secure belongings for relocation has finally reached Southeastern Massachusetts. If you are planning a move in Fall River and dread the idea of buying and assembling cardboard boxes, you might want to rent plastic moving crates from Crate-Moves.com. We can assist you with everything from setting up your order to delivering your Fall River moving box rentals right to your doorstep. When your move is complete, we will even pick up the crates at your new location. It’s that easy!

Why Choose Plastic Moving Crates?

The owners of Crate-Moves.com got the idea to bring Fall River moving box rentals to the Southcoast area after seeing the incredible number of cardboard boxes tossed each month in the dumpsters at their storage and moving truck rental business. Reusable residential moving supplies are much better for the environment than the traditional wasteful practice of using and throwing away cardboard boxes after just one use. Recycling the cardboard boxes is not always an option. If the boxes become damaged, infested with insects, dirty, greasy, or too marked up with tape residue and permanent marker, many recycling plants won’t even touch them.

Clean and sanitized after each use with biodegradable cleaners and high-pressure steam, you can count on the strength and durability of these pre-assembled crates when planning a move in Fall River. We deliver them to your door with a rolling dolly, zip ties for securing the lids shut, and labels for improved organization. The crates are easy to pack, stack, and load onto a truck, whether you are doing the move yourself or if you hire professional movers. Many locals are choosing to reduce the impact on our landfills by making the change to rent plastic moving crates instead. You can also save a lot of time and money when using our Fall River moving box rentals for your residential or commercial move.

Eco-Friendly 100% Recyclable Plastic

The crates that we rent at Crate-Moves.com are made from 100 percent recyclable plastic. That means that even after the long, long life that they experience as residential moving supplies, these crates can be recycled and reused again, further reducing our impact on the local landfill. The durable, crush-proof design of these Fall River moving box rentals means that they will last a long time – much longer than the cheap plastic boxes found at home improvement stores and even longer than dusty old cardboard boxes. We bring this environmentally friendly service to an already eco-conscious region to help our customers do their part by reducing and reusing.

In addition to the obvious benefits gained when you rent plastic moving crates, Crate-Moves.com has also committed to donating a portion of our annual proceeds to a local eco-charity. We are doing our part – and helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment – with the services that we provide. When planning a move in Fall River, skip the expensive and flimsy cardboard boxes from the past. Move into the future with our reusable plastic moving box rentals and protect your belongings while preserving the environment. We make renting residential moving supplies one of the easiest tasks of your entire moving experience.

How Does It Work?

When you decide to rent plastic moving crates from Crate-Moves.com, simply visit our website and use the handy online order form to secure your rental dates. You can choose from one of our pre-made packages based on the number of bedrooms and size of your home, or you can contact our team directly by phone to discuss your options and create a custom package price. We will deliver the Fall River moving box rentals to your home on your desired date and bring them directly to your door. Then all you have to do is pack, move, unpack, and we will pick up our crates once you are settled in and ready for us to move the residential moving supplies out of your home. Get a FREE quote today by contacting us directly at 508-675-7038 or sending us a message via our website.