Moving can be messy, stressful, frustrating, and wasteful. Still, there are things you can do to make it easier on yourself and reduce your carbon footprint compared to a typical relocation. Planning can simplify things and help you create a simple strategy to get you and all your belongings from point A to point B as effortlessly as possible. Having the right residential moving supplies will make a difference for your Wareham residential moving experience. One of the best options available is to rent moving crates. When you contact to make plans for your location, you can lower costs, reduce waste, and streamline your move when you use our eco-friendly moving boxes.

Change the Way You Move

Caring about the environment and our impact on the local landfill is more than just getting in the habit of tossing soda pop cans in the recycle bin at the shopping mall. It’s about a daily commitment to doing things right, learning how to recycle, reuse, and renew whenever possible to make improvements across the board. Traditional moving supplies include cardboard boxes, industrial tape, glue, and toxic permanent markers. While it might seem that cardboard would be the best choice, as it can be recycled and made into new products, the truth is that most moving boxes never make their way to the recycling plant. Boxes get sent to the landfill due to improper recycling or because the boxes become damaged by using too much heavy-duty tape and glue. If the boxes are dirty, infested with insects, or have grease stains on them, they will also go to the dump instead of to be recycled.

Eco-friendly moving crates solve lots of problems that people experience during Wareham residential moving. The boxes are efficiently delivered and picked up by our team when you rent moving crates from We bring your residential moving supplies, including a hand truck or dolly, specialized labels, and zip ties to your location to reduce the amount of time and fuel you would likely spend trying to hunt down boxes and packing materials. Our crates are made from 100 percent recycled plastic, and they are sanitized using biodegradable cleaners and high-pressure steam after every use. They are safe, effective, pre-assembled, crushproof, durable, and designed to be stacked for easy loading and unloading. Each rental includes two weeks for packing, moving, and unpacking before we pick them up from your new home. If you need more time, simply contact our team to schedule a custom drop-off and pick-up schedule, according to your needs.

Other Ways to Eliminate Waste

In addition to changing the type of residential moving supplies that you use, there are other ways to reduce the amount of waste that is generated when you move. Taking time to go through all of your belongings and sorting out the things you no longer want will reduce the number of belongings you need to pack and move. Some items can be recycled, sold, donated to charitable organizations, or thrown away if they are damaged and no longer useful. You might even discover that a few things can be stored as seasonal items, such as decorations, winter coats, summer beach towels, and more. If you have space in a garage or closet for storage, you might consider purchasing sturdy plastic bins for those things so they can be kept safely. Now is a great time to organize and label it all so you can find things easier when you need them.

Cleaning as you go through your home to pack your things will also make it easier on moving day. Instead of having to deep-clean everything so you can get your deposit back from a rental or leave your home in good condition for new buyers, you can simply do a light wipe down and sweep once your furniture and eco-friendly moving boxes are loaded onto the truck. Work with the moving company to ensure that you get a truck that is the right size for your belongings. Even a local Southeastern Massachusetts relocation could become a long-drawn-out process if you have to make multiple trips because the truck was too small. Our team can help you when you rent moving crates to make sure that you get enough boxes based on your home’s size. All of this extra effort will help your move to be more effective and efficient, eliminating common wasteful practices to create a less stressful experience.

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