rent plastic crates in fall riverWhen it comes to planning a move in the Southcoast region, there are three primary options. The first is to use traditional boxes, packaging, and tape; the second is to purchase plastic totes; the third is to rent moving boxes in Fall River. offers eco-friendly and easy-to-use relocation solutions in Fall River and the surrounding area for both residential and commercial moving. Our top-quality Fall River plastic moving crates are easy to pack, load, and move, providing a simple solution for local and regional relocations. Our commercial moving crates are made from an extremely durable plastic, which offers better protection for your belongings than traditional cardboard or even purchased plastic totes.

Fall River Plastic Moving Crates

When you rent moving boxes in Fall River from, you get extremely durable crates that are designed for repeated use and heavy-duty moving. You won’t need any tape or glue, our crates come pre-assembled, sanitized with biodegradable cleaning products, and high-pressure steam between each use, and we even include FREE labels and zip ties to label and secure the commercial moving crates for your move. Customers who are in our SERVICE AREA and live on the ground floor or have an elevator access can get FREE delivery and pickup services. Additional fees may be applicable if our team has to go up a flight of stairs to deliver your Fall River plastic moving crates.

You can move the crates yourself, using the included dolly for easy loading, or work with a professional moving company. Many of the movers in our local area appreciate using our relocation solutions in Fall River because they are easier to move, stack, and load. Easy to pack, there’s room in our crates for everything from small kitchen appliances to clothing, toys, dishes, collectible items, and much more. When you rent moving boxes in Fall River, you will find that they are really quick and easy to pack, and just as easy to move and unpack at your new location. Used by both commercial and residential customers, our Fall River plastic moving crates have become quite popular since we introduced them to the Southcoast area.

What to Expect

If you aren’t sure how many crates you will need to complete your move, visit our ORDER PAGE to take a peek at our pre-made packages. Our one-bedroom crate package includes 20 moving crates, labels, and zip ties with two weeks of rental time; free delivery and pickup, and use of a dolly or hand truck. The two-bedroom package has twice as many crates, and the three-bedroom has three times as many with 60 total. Our four-bedroom package includes 80 moving crates, labels, and zip ties, providing renters with three weeks rental time, free delivery and pickup, and use of two dollies or hand trucks. Preassembled, crushproof moving and storage crates – they are inexpensive, fast, and good for the local environment.

You or an adult over the age of 18 do need to be present to accept the delivery of the crates. We can work with you at the time of your order to assess your needs, but if you do require additional crates during your moving process, we will try to accommodate your request as best as we can. Unfortunately, we can’t make any guarantees. Certain times of the month and seasons throughout the year are busier for relocation solutions in Fall River and the surrounding area, so we may not have any additional commercial moving crates available. Your best bet is to order a few extra crates if you think you will need them instead of having to try and get extra crates in the middle of a move. When you order your crates, you also have the option to increase the amount of time for the rental by up to four additional weeks.

90 Million Cardboard Boxes

One study revealed that approximately 90 million cardboard boxes are discarded in the United States each year. This includes shipping boxes from online and catalog sales, as well as moving boxes. However, any assistance you can provide by using Fall River plastic moving crates instead will benefit the local Southcoast landfill. The introduction of commercial moving crates to large urban areas has helped to cut the amount of wasted cardboard boxes considerably and has even decreased the spread of bed bugs, fleas, ticks, and other pests through re-sold, shared, or “free” box providers. When you rent moving boxes in Fall River through, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that our boxes are fully sanitized after each use and that they are strong, durable, and sturdy enough to protect all of your things.

Do your part to reduce waste with our eco-friendly relocation solutions in Fall River and the surrounding Southcoast area. You can contact our team directly by calling 508-675-7038 or use our online order form to reserve commercial moving crates for your upcoming move. We can answer any questions you might have about how to rent moving boxes in Fall River, offer suggestions concerning the number of boxes you will require based on your needs, and give you a FREE price quote for our services. Call today and use our Fall River plastic moving crates for your new local move.