residential moving in fall riverIf you are focused on reducing your impact on the local environment, you might be concerned about the waste that can be produced during a residential relocation. Boxes, tape, packing supplies, and other wasteful practices are commonplace in this country. However, earth-friendly moving solutions are easier to find than you might think. offers options for residential moving in Fall River and the surrounding area that reduce the amount of waste that is produced, eliminating thousands of cardboard boxes from our local landfills each year. Our Fall River plastic moving crates can be used to replace cardboard, which is frequently ineligible for recycling due to all of the glue, packing tape, and debris that occurs during use. Consider renting eco-friendly moving boxes for your next move, an innovative service that can also help to reduce time, save money, and make your moving process a lot easier.

We Deliver and Pickup!

Instead of wasting time and fuel driving all over town to find the boxes and packing supplies that you need, our earth-friendly moving solutions can be delivered and picked up within our SERVICE AREA, which includes just about every zip code in the South Coast region. The good news is that there is no fee for delivery or pickup within this service area, as long as you live on the ground floor OR your building has elevator access. If our team has to carry the crates up the stairs, there will be an additional $19.99 fee. You or another person over the age of 18 needs to be home to accept delivery.

Our delivery and pickup schedule is Monday through Saturday, between 7 am and 4 pm. When you place your order for crates, you can specify the date and time that works best for your moving experience. If you are located in Fall River, we might even be able to arrive earlier before 7 am, so contact us to find out if this is an option and would work better with your schedule. We will send out a text message by 6 pm the day before delivery to confirm that we will be dropping your eco-friendly moving boxes off to your home. It is possible to change the delivery and pickup dates after you schedule your move. We will do everything we can to accommodate your request.

Why Plastic is Better Than Cardboard

When you think about things that you can do to save the planet, the word “plastic” is not usually at the top of the list, unless you’re thinking about getting rid of single-use plastic bags, bottles, and utensils. However, when it comes to our Fall River plastic moving crates, the word “plastic” is not a “bad” word. In fact, our durable, crushproof, heavy-duty plastic crates are made from recycled plastic materials and are designed to be used forever – well, at least for a very long time. They can stand up to countless numbers of moves, are easy to sanitize without requiring a lot of water and energy consumption, and can even be recycled again at the end of their life.

Unfortunately, many cardboard boxes never make it to be recycled. While cardboard is a recyclable material, the things that happen to the boxes during their lifetime can make them ineligible. The use of glue or tape to seal the cartons, as well as excessive use of permanent markers and sticky labels, might be enough to kick them from the recycle bin and into the landfill. Other issues, such as greasy spills, food, insects, mold, mildew, and high amounts of dirt or debris, can also require them to be removed. Boxes that have packing materials stuffed inside them, such as styrofoam packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and other commonly used products, will also cause the entire box to be sent to the trash.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint offers FREE delivery service within our local area to help reduce the amount of “running around” that customers have to do in order to get all of the moving supplies they need for residential moving in Fall River and the surrounding area. This reduces wasted fuel and carbon emissions in the South Coast area just on its own. When you use our eco-friendly moving boxes, the only “waste” that you will have comes in the form of the labels that we provide and the zip ties that come with each box to secure it shut. Just remove them after you complete your move before we pick them up and dispose of them properly. Instead of a mountain of broken-down cardboard boxes, tape, and packing materials, your impact on the local landfill will be reduced considerably.

Browse our selection of earth-friendly moving solutions on our ORDER page. We have packages available to help you decide how many of our Fall River plastic moving crates you will need, as well as a la carte options for extra boxes and resources. If you have any questions about our eco-friendly moving boxes or want to discuss any special requests with our team, you can reach us locally in Fall River at 508-675-7038.