wareham residential movingKeeping costs under control when planning Wareham residential moving can be a challenge. There are so many things that need to be done, whether you are buying a new house or renting a new apartment. One way to reduce costs and frustration is to rent reusable plastic moving boxes through Crate-Moves.com. Not only do we have excellent prices on all of our plastic moving crate rentals, but we can also deliver them for FREE within our service area and pick them up when your move is done. There are many benefits associated with deciding to rent moving boxes in Wareham, but saving time and money is definitely up there at the top of the list for most of our customers.

How Plastic Moving Crate Rentals Save Time

You can place the order to rent moving boxes in Wareham online via our easy-to-use ORDER FORM. We even make suggestions as to the number of boxes you will likely need, based on the size of your current house or apartment. If you have additional storage space, garage space, or a lot of seasonal items stowed in the attic, you might need extra boxes. We can rent packages and offer additional boxes a la carte to meet all of your moving needs. Our team can deliver the boxes for FREE to any home or apartment within our service area. There may be a nominal delivery charge if you live in a multi-story structure that does not have elevator access. We can also pick up the boxes when your move is over, also for free, if you are in our service area. If you would rather pick them up and drop them off yourself, we can also accommodate that request.

How Reusable Plastic Moving Boxes Save Money

When you consider how much it costs to drive around town to find the right size and amount of traditional moving crates for Wareham residential moving, our straight-forward rental option offers considerable cost savings. If you use cardboard boxes, you will also need tape to assemble the boxes. Our boxes come pre-assembled and are much sturdier to offer greater protection for all your belongings during the move. Once your move is complete, you will also need to break down traditional cardboard crates and dispose of them properly. Depending on where you live – or where you are moving – cardboard might need to be taken directly to a recycling center, broken down with box cutters to fit into a recycling bin, or the items may not qualify for recycling due to grease stains, too much tape, and other residue. You might have to take them to the local landfill to dispose of them if the trash trucks refuse to pick them up for your at your new home.

Rent Moving Boxes in Wareham as Soon as Possible

There are certain times of the month and year when moving is more common. For example, in New England, more people are willing to move when the weather is nicer than they are in the winter months. Late spring, summer, and early fall are the busiest seasons. Summer vacation is also popular for families who want to move and get settled in a new house before the school year starts in autumn. Weekends are, of course, quite popular with most people who are moving simply due to convenience and getting family or friends to assist with the heavy lifting of furniture and boxes. The last week and first week of the month are also very busy due to calendar expiration of leases and renters giving 30-day notice when they pay rent on the first of the month. Keep all this in consideration and try to reserve Wareham residential moving trucks and plastic moving crate rentals as soon as you know your moving date.

Why Rentals are Better

There are many reasons why renting reusable plastic moving boxes is better than traditional cardboard boxes. The first reason is in consideration of the environment, as cardboard boxes rarely make it to be recycled and ultimately end up in the local landfill. The second is the time and money that can be wasted in trying to track down boxes to purchase when it is much easier and more cost-effective to use plastic moving crate rentals through Crate-Moves.com instead. Our crates are hand cleaned and sanitized using biodegradable cleaners and high-pressure steam after every use, meaning that our boxes are even more sanitary and clean than cardboard alternatives. Each crate order comes with a matching number of zip ties to close the boxes securely and easy-to-use labels, which can make organizing your belongings a breeze. We also provide a special dolly or handcart with each order to make it easier on your back when loading and unloading the moving truck.

With packages starting as low as $89 for a one-bedroom crate package of 20 reusable plastic moving boxes, security zip ties, and moving labels, along with two weeks free rental, free delivery and pickup and use of a free dolly or hand truck, it is worth it to take a peek at what we have to offer. Visit our website and ONLINE ORDER PAGE or contact our team directly by calling 508-675-7038 to speak with one of our friendly and helpful customer service agents.