eco-friendly moving solutions in fall riverPlanning a move can be a considerable undertaking, but especially for those interested in reducing the impact they make on the local environment. When you consider all of the boxes, packing materials, fuel, and energy required to complete a residential or commercial move, it really adds up quickly. Eco-friendly plastic crates can help to reduce your carbon footprint during a move. Instead of traditional cardboard boxes, which make up a significant portion of our local landfill, Fall River moving boxes can be used and reused again and again, providing locals with durable and dependable products. When you consider all of the benefits of rental crates, it’s incredible that they are still relatively new to the South Coast area. You can rent plastic moving crates locally in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island through in Fall River.

FREE Delivery and Pick-Up Services

The last thing you need to do is waste time and money hunting down and transporting Fall River moving boxes throughout the local area ahead of your move. It can also be a hassle to get rid of boxes at the end of your move. When you work with and use our eco-friendly plastic crates, we can deliver and pick-up moving boxes for customers in our LOCATIONS delivery and service area. These services are FREE as long as you meet the basic delivery standards, including being on the ground floor or having access to an elevator. If we need to move the boxes up a flight of stairs, there will be a small fee. Please read our website for details.

Locally Owned and Operated

When you work with to rent plastic moving crates, you support a local business. Owners John and Jodie also own and operate Affordable Storage and Truck Rentals in Fall River. This locally owned business has proudly served the people of Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island for many years. After selling large numbers of cardboard boxes each month and then finding them in the dumpsters barely used and not properly recycled, John and Jodie searched for a more eco-friendly solution. Large urban areas have known about the benefits of rental crates for many years, but this is the first time that they have been made available to local residents in the South Coast area.

Easy-to-Load and Use

Another benefit of Fall River moving boxes is that they are easy-to-load and use for all of your moving needs. They come pre-assembled, so there’s no time wasted taping or securing containers before packing. Crush-proof and durable, you won’t need to worry about other boxes crushing or breaking into the boxes where you pack your most prized possessions. Our boxes are designed to be stacked, which makes loading them into a moving truck and unloading them much easier than cardboard boxes that can slip and slide. Each rental comes with the FREE use of a special dolly or hand truck to make the process easy for anyone to do.

Friendly to the Environment

When you rent plastic moving crates for your next move, you significantly reduce the amount of trash your move creates for our local landfills. These eco-friendly plastic crates are made from 100 percent recyclable plastic. That means at the end of their long life, these boxes can be recycled to be made into new products again. Being friendly to the environment includes recycling, reusing, and reducing the amount of waste that we produce. makes it easy for you to do your part, and we even donate a portion of our profits to an eco-charity to support the local environment even further. We care about the South Coast area and want to make sure it stays a beautiful and protected region to enjoy for many generations to come.

Super Simple Rental Process

Another way that helps you save time and money with our Fall River moving boxes is through our simple ordering process. You can use our website to place an order for crates as soon as you know your moving date. We offer a wide range of pre-made packages based on the size of your current home or office to help you figure out how many crates you will need. If you require additional crates, they can be added separately to increase the total number of boxes our team will deliver. You can also pick up the containers at our facility if that is easier for your schedule. Each rental includes one-time use labels and zip ties to help with the organization and security of your moving process.

Ready to get started? Visit our website and view the ORDER page for details on available packages to rent plastic moving crates. You can also call our Fall River office and speak with a customer care expert by dialing 508-675-7038.