About Crate Moves

We deliver our plastic moving / storing crates to your doorstep for maximum convenience.

We are a locally owned and operated company serving the greater SouthCoast areas of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Our goal is to provide an easy solution to your moving needs while trying to preserve our limited natural resources. By providing a easy and sustainable solution to your moving needs and to encourage green reusable thinking for our future.

Owners John and Jodie also own and operate Affordable Storage and Truck Rentals in Fall River. While selling incredible numbers of cardboard boxes each month to storage and moving truck customers, they found themselves emptying the businesses dumpster every week loaded with the same cardboard boxes they’ve sold again and again. Looking for a solution to the wasteful practice they caught on to the reusable crate movement that is changing the moving and storage business across the country. Mostly only available in the larger cities, they wanted to bring the services here to the SouthCoast to an already eco conscious region to help do their part by reducing and reusing. Each year a portion of Crate Moves proceeds will be donated to an eco charity.