A Better Way to Move: How to Rent Moving Boxes in Wareham, MA

If you have ever planned a household move, you know that it can be time-consuming and overwhelming. This is especially true if you have lived at the same address for many years and have allowed yourself to accumulate a lot of stuff. Taking the time to go through closets, the garage, the attic, and any other storage areas can be the most significant part of the job, but if you start the process ahead of time, that will make it much more manageable. Another way to reduce stress and protect your belongings for Wareham residential moving is to find new methods for packing your belongings. Instead of traditional residential moving supplies, which usually include dusty, bug-attracting cardboard boxes that seriously impact the local landfills in Southeastern Massachusetts, you could rent moving boxes in Wareham. Crushproof, stackable, eco-friendly plastic crates can be rented quickly and easily at Crate-Moves.com.

Renting Boxes Saves Time and Money

So not only will you make your Wareham residential moving experience a lot less stressful, but you can also save time and money when you rent moving crates from a local provider. Crate-Moves.com is located in Fall River, Massachusetts, but we provide FREE delivery services to customers throughout a large portion of the Southcoast area, including Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. See our LOCATIONS page for a complete listing of zip codes that fall into our FREE delivery zone. If your new home is also in our service area, we will even pick up the boxes after the move is complete at your new address. Instead of running around town trying to find boxes for your move or having to assemble all those cardboard boxes with packing tape, we will deliver your residential moving supplies on your desired date so you can start packing up your home.

Clean and Sanitary Eco-friendly Plastic Crates

Being able to recycle and reuse is always a good idea, especially if you are concerned about the impact that your move might make on the local environment. Instead of purchasing used boxes or getting free used boxes from a local provider, which can carry bacteria, dander, dust, mold spores, bed bugs, and other insects, you can help reduce your impact when you rent moving boxes in Wareham or the surrounding area. Our crates are hand cleaned and sanitized when a customer returns them each and every time. We only use biodegradable cleaners and high-pressure steam to reduce our impact on the Southcoast environment as well. Being able to reduce waste and reuse items like our eco-friendly plastic crates can make a big difference. Our containers are designed to be durable and long-lasting, providing many years of quality use for our customers.

One Size Can Fit Most All of Your Needs

When you rent moving boxes in Wareham from Crate-Moves.com, the size of our crates can help you to pack everything from small kitchen appliances, pots and pans, dishes, clothing, decorations, and even books. The dimensions are 27-inches in length by 17-inches wide by 12-inches in height. They are stackable, crushproof, strong, durable, and able to hold a lot more than you might think. Certain items, such as your 75-inch flat-panel television and large framed artwork, will likely require specialty packaging anyway. You can work with your movers or purchase boxes designed specifically for these types of items to protect your things during a move. We have several packages available to help you choose the correct number of boxes for your relocation. The packages are based on the number of bedrooms in your home but can be adjusted depending on how much extra storage, seasonal items, and additional things you need to pack. Consider these packages to be a great starting point to help you place your order. You can also speak with our team for insight and advice into crate package selection.

Extra Items That are Included with Your Rental

When you rent our eco-friendly plastic moving crates for Wareham residential moving, you will also get labels and zip ties to close and secure your boxes. In addition, we provide a dolly or hand truck with every rental to make it easier for you to move the stacked crates from your home into the moving truck. Are you working with a moving company? Movers love to work with moving containers, as they are easier to stack, more secure inside the vehicle, and are very easy to move and carry. Don’t forget our FREE delivery and pickup services, which are available when you rent moving boxes in Wareham or any of our other service areas. There may be a small fee of $19.99 charged if you need the boxes moved upstairs, and your building does not have an elevator. Contact us directly for details or to schedule delivery of our residential moving supplies by calling 508-675-7038.