7 Reasons to Rent Moving Boxes in Wareham for Your Next Move

rent moving crates in Fall RiverMaking plans for Wareham residential moving can be overwhelming – there are so many things that must be done! Whenever you find a solution that helps streamline your efforts and make things simpler, you must jump on it. One of the best ways to save time and money is to rent moving boxes in Wareham. Unlike traditional cardboard cartons, Crate-Moves.com offers a wide range of time-saving opportunities, including free moving crate delivery and pickup within the Southcoast area. There are many more benefits of moving box rentals that you should consider when planning a move in Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island.

Reason #1 – No Assembly Required

One of the most tedious jobs during a move is assembling the cardboard boxes with sticky tape and hoping that they will be strong enough to hold your belongings without collapsing during the move. If you’ve ever had a paper cut, you can imagine how much worse it is to get a cardboard box cut in the middle of a move – it is not pleasant! When you rent moving boxes in Wareham from Crate-Moves.com, there is absolutely no assembly required. Our plastic crates come pre-assembled and ready to go!

Reason #2 – Clean & Sanitary

Cardboard boxes – even when brand new and clean from the store – have a bit of dustiness about them. If you get used cartons for your move, you will likely have other considerations to deal with, as well. Dust, dirt, dander, bacteria, mold, mildew, insects, and insect larvae are just some of the issues that people have reported when using reclaimed, second-hand, or dumpster obtained boxes for a move. At Crate-Moves.com, we clean our Wareham residential moving boxes with high-pressure steam and biodegradable cleaners after every use to guarantee that they are clean and sanitary for our customers.

Reason #3 – FREE Delivery & Pickup

When you are busy planning a move and settling in at your new house after a move, time can be precious. Check our LOCATIONS page on our website to discover all of the zip codes, cities, and towns to which we offer free delivery and pickup within Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. There may be a nominal carry fee of $19.99 if our team needs to carry the crates upstairs, should you not be on the ground floor and not have elevator access.

Reason #4 – Crushproof Containers

Our plastic crate rentals are strong, durable, and crushproof, unlike cardboard boxes. You will not have to worry about the boxes being crushed or dented during the move, as they are made from thick, recycled plastic materials.

Reason #5 – Designed for Stacking

One of the other clear benefits of moving box rentals is that our crates are designed to be stacked – in your home, on the loading dolly or hand-truck, and in the moving truck itself. Cardboard boxes are known to slip, slide, fall over, and get crushed or dented during a move, putting your belongings at risk. Our crates have designed-in grooves that help them be easily stacked and sturdy at all times.

Reason #6 – Lots of Freebies

When you rent a set of plastic moving crates from Crate-Moves.com, you also get free use of one of our custom dollies or hand-trucks to make it easier to get to and from your home and the truck. In addition, we provide free zip ties for you to use to secure the tops of your boxes and free labels for you to use to mark each box to make it easier for unloading at the new location. Each rental includes a minimum of two weeks’ use when you rent moving boxes in Wareham or anywhere in our service area.

Reason #7 – Long Use & Recyclable Materials

Positive environmental benefits of moving box rentals include being able to reuse the boxes over and over again many times before they need to be replaced. Our containers can be recycled when they do, as they are made of recyclable plastic materials. “Recycle, reduce, and reuse” is the mantra of eco-friendly products. With our Wareham residential moving crates, they are made from recycled plastic and can be recycled at the end of their life, are reused over and over throughout their years of service, thereby reducing the amount of waste going to the local landfill. It is a win-win opportunity for those who care about the environment.

Interested in how to rent moving boxes in Wareham or anywhere in the Southcoast region? Contact Crate-Moves.com by calling 508-675-7038 or use our online order form to place your order for free moving crate delivery to take advantage of the benefits of moving box rentals for your next residential relocation.